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google maps J4M8+6G Penrith

Lacet Cottage, Hutton, Penrith, CA11 0LZ be careful with SATNAV as it can lead you to the wrong place.

Safety, Key Code and Check In/Out

Please read the safety notice on arrival so you know what to do in an emergency and you have made a plan of how best to evacuate your party from the property, in the event of a fire. There are new Fire Safety Regulations, as of October 2023. As a result of these Regulations, please do not use candles or charge your electric vehicle at the property. To do so may also invalidate the property’s insurance. Many thanks.

There are EV chargers at Rheged petrol station and Booths supermarket in Penrith,

There are steps down to the dining room and the main stairs are steep, so please be careful, especially anyone with mobility issues.

B1798 make sure to clear the pad and then click each button firmly before turning the knob to open the box.

Check in 4.00pm and check out 10.00am. Please remember to put the bins out before you leave-see below for more information.

Booking Again and Contact Details

If you would like to book this cottage or one of our other cottages you can book direct with us for a better price. If you find a better price elsewhere get in contact

You can contact me on that email if you have any questions or problems.

Housekeeping and Recycling

Please let us know if you require twin beds before arrival.

There is a note about recycling and bins in the cottage. The boot room key is the long key on the key ring left on the table in the dining area. Find it by going out of the back door and it’s the door on your left. There you’ll find the hoover, brushes and feed for the red squirrels.

Also, can I ask that you strip the beds you’ve used before your departure? Remember to collect all your belongings before you leave.

Please can you clear up after your four-legged friends and prevent them from getting on sofas and beds.

FUSE BOX is in the wall cupboard above the fridge in the kitchen. STOP-TAP is out side. Looking at the gate it’s on the left under a metal cover.

Many thanks for your help.


If you turn left out of the cottage and walk towards the bridge you’ll see a footpath sign on your right. You can walk over the fields towards Sparket Mill. At Sparket Mill you turn left and follow the road round until you get to a sign for Hutton and then onwards through the hamlet and back to Lacet.

You can walk along the road to Stoddah, (turn right from the cottage) and then on towards Matterdale valley. The road is quiet.


There are some cloths, soap, tea towels and oven gloves.

1. Nespresso machine
Fill water container at the back of the machine.
Turn on and lights will flash until the machine is ready to use.
Put capsule in the top of machine.
Press button for large cup or small. You can fill up with more hot water if you like.
The used capsule will drop into the bottom of the machine. Simply pull the drip tray section forward to remove used capsules.

There is milk frothing machine if you like frothy milk.

2. Oven
Press temp and mode selection buttons so they pop out.
You can then select oven or grill. It is a fan oven. The door pulls down and then slides under the oven if you need it to. Select the temperature you need.

3. Dishwasher
Turn on
Select programme. I would use eco 50.
Then press the start button

There are some dishwasher tablets for you under the sink.

4. Blue Tooth Speaker
Turn on and the volume buttons are on the side of the device – plus and minus. This was obvious to my son, but not to an old girl like me! I wouldn’t download the app as the instructions suggest, just sync your device.


1. Washing machine
Turn it on
Turn dial to select programme.
You can pick temperature and spin speed if you like.
Press start.

2. Drier
Turn it on
Turn dial to select programme.
You can alter drying level and time if you need to.
Press start.

Sitting Room

1. TV
Turn on and choose which channel you would like.
There are TV and radio channels available.

2. DVD
Turn on the DVD player.
Press select on the remote control and navigate to HDMI/DVI3 and select it.
You can then play the DVD.
When you finish watching the DVD you need to select TV not HDMI/DVI3.

3. Wood
Wood can be bought from the Rheged petrol station on the A66 or at WCF  by Booths in Penrith.

4. Wi-Fi Password
Can be found on a label under the router, password is huttonjohn1.

It is the fastest Wi-fi available.

Septic tank

As we don’t have mains sewerage please can I ask you to not put sanitary products, cotton wool or nappies down the loo. Anything bulky will clog the septic tank and stop it working.


You can alter the heating by turning the room thermostats, on the wall, up or down.

There are guest soaps in all the bathrooms. Please note in the downstairs shower room it is not a heated towel rail.

The boot room can used for any muddy shoes and clothing. The key is the long one on the key ring with the back door key.

We love the red squirrels, but they like to be fed, so if you are keen to see them you can top up the nut box, I can’t guarantee they’ll appear but they adore hazelnuts! You can buy your own nuts from the Bird’s Bistro in Penruddock, but I have also left a box of nuts in the boot room.

Places to Eat (Close by)

Have a look on our website in our blog for further information,

Horse and Farrier Dacre, 5 minutes drive away

Herdwick Inn ( at Penruddock is 11/2 miles away and does a good selection of food, particularly sea food.

Sportman’s Inn (www.the is 5 minutes drive from Penruddock and serves good pub grub. 


Hope you have a lovely stay in the Lakes.