Supporting Our Local Community

Hutton John team photo

Collaboration and Support for Local Businesses And Charities   We are very proud to support two local enterprises that are trying to make a difference for young people in our local community, and beyond.   Another Way We are trying to be a sustainable business. We’ve just received a Green Tourism award. However some others […]

We’re finalists for the 2024 Cumbria Tourism Awards!

We are really pleased to be able to tell you we have reached the finals of the 2024 Cumbria Tourism Awards for the Self Catering Accommodation of the Year award. Final judging happens later on in May, when the judging panel comes to visit all the finalists and see the accommodation for themselves. Win or […]

Hutton John Estate achieves a Green Tourism Award

Panoramic views of the historical Hutton John estate in the lake district

Very Proud! We are very pleased to announce we have been awarded a Green Tourism Award. We have tried very hard to improve our level of sustainability since we began in 2017. When we decided to build the cabins we set out to make them as eco-friendly as possible. All but the first one was […]

Special Surprises

Bouquet of flowers

Special Surprises and Little Extras We have such thoughtful guest who, like us, want to make their holiday enjoyable and memorable for themselves, but more importantly for their loved ones. We can help by providing some special surprises and little extras. Some would like balloons for a Happy Birthday surprise, or some chocolates, or if […]

The Year So Far

I read a comment on whether anyone reads blogs and journals. I hope someone does! Although nowadays it is becoming impossible to know if it’s been written by humans or a robot: the suggestion is that humans are becoming redundant. Our son says the bots are so clever now they can write like you, even […]

Tom Felling Trees!

We have been spoilt for weather these past few weeks. The sky has been filled with blue and sunshine. It can’t last of course, but we can bask in it whilst it’s here. This time of year and when it’s dry, is a good time to deal with any trees that are (sadly) dying off. […]


Groundworks have Begun! Planning never goes smoothly, you always feel you are banging your head against a brick wall and you will never get there. But as with so many things you just have to keep calm and keep going. So now, after 3 years Highgate Cabins is within sight. The team at Metcalf’s have […]

Plans Are Afoot

Plans never go according to plan. If we’d got planning permission in good time the cabins would already be up and running. However things are now in place so that we can start on the groundworks soon, Here is the site plan: You should never count your chickens, but hopefully they will be ready May/June […]

Highgate Pods

Opening Next Year! We finally got planning permission for some cabins at Highgate. It wasn’t easy, but I don’t thing planning ever is. We are very excited to see it all being built, although the site looks a bit untidy at the moment. Next year there will be four cabins, two with outside baths and […]

Hot Dogs

Summer is gone It has been a good summer, for the visitors at least plenty of sunshine and dry weather, with little rain. Dacre beck was very low for a time and the grass was looking a little parched. But it’s time for a proper deluge and no doubt that will come in the Autumn. […]