Christmas Trees Are Here Again!

December 17, 2017

Cumbrian Christmas Tree Hunting!

Lights on the Christmas Tree

This year we will to get our Christmas tree on 17 December from a local farm in Penrith. What a selection you can buy now, no longer just the Norway Spruce but all sorts of different coniferous beauties with blu-green needed to the magical ones that “don’t drop”. Still in our house we are traditionalists and we get a Norway Spruce ALWAYS. My husband wouldn’t have anything else. But he has bought the same style of show and the same brand for the last twenty five years so you can tell chance doesn’t come easily to him. This magnificent specimen is last year’s tree and it was fantastic. It took us less than 5 minutes to pick it as as soon as our son saw it, he wanted it. It was a tree that had grown good, straight and even and very symmetrical. My husband was very pleased with himself for finding it. The trouble is I’m not sure how he will beat it this year. The bar has been set very high so I imagibe we will be spending some not inconsiderable time pondering over this tree and that tree, none of which will quite be up to last year’s standard. Still it is always fun, for us at least.

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