Melancholic Musings

January 25, 2019

Everything Will Be Ok (if you are in the Lakes)

It is that time of year when you can feel a little melancholy creeping in to your mind: the weather is grey, the rain is falling, tax returns are due and you can’t escape hearing about another analysis of what might happen in Brett scenario 27B, even if you try very hard. So what is to be done? Even Little Mell Fell today looked forlorn, she had lost her head.

Little Mell Fell in the Mist

I hoped there was no-one up on the top of the fell, wondering which way to turn to avoid dropping of the side of a cliff. Although my second thought, was that a few (possibly all) of our politicians would rather be lost in the cold, on the top of Lal Mell Fell, than wandering lost and helpless round the corridors of Westminster. I don’t know that as fact, but I suspect there might be some sliver of truth in my assertion. Of course I then realised that I was wrong to suggest that Little Mell Fell had lost her head, it was simply I couldn’t see it. You see she will be there tomorrow and tomorrow and the day after that, whether I am there to see it or not, or indeed whether she is made invisible from the mists. And that thought cheered me up. Because whatever happens with the weather, tax returns and Brexit, somethings will remain the same. The economy might collapse and democracy might fail, the beast from the east may make a return appearance, but “she” will still be here, a stalwart and resilient figure. And of course so will I and hopefully so will you too.

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