Mercurial Weather

February 25, 2020

Someone said this to me yesterday and I thought it was the most apt way to describe the last month of weather- mercurial. Mother Nature has thrown everything at us. Hail and sleet followed by snow and sunshine and more rain than I have ever seen. There is no point looking at the weather forecast because the weather seemingly changes from one second to the next. Moreover Cumbria is covered in micro climates. Driving to Keswick one day there was snow here and nothing there. All this precipitation came after a few months of continuous rain, the ground is truly saturated. The water table is over-flowing, but we coped remarkably well, even with the addition two named storms. Why do we name stores nowadays? Is it to make them less threatening and more friendly? Probably not but I’m not sure of the point. Appleby flooded once again and Shap too this time. We lost the water supply for several days, but in the main we have survived. Some places further south are sill suffering terribly. ROLL ON SPRING. But we have been told we should expect more of the same in the future. Some might be able to dispute the cause of climate change. surely no-one could deny the weather has changed. Apart from a few days of snow we haven’t had a winter, not properly called and of course Cumbria and the Lake District have had periods where we have been deluged by water. But this last few months is so far from the norm. We can all do out bit and I for one can certainly do more to help the environment, not just with regard to climate change, but generally to be more considerate.- less waste, less plastic and more recycling.

Never seen anything like this before on the estate.

Three beautiful and lovingly restored cottages. Where heritage meets modern-day living. 

Sleeps 4, 6, or 10.

Four contemporary cabins, immersed in nature. Where the outdoors meets luxury. 

Sleeps 2.

Passed down through generations, our family and history are at the heart of the approximately 300 acre Hutton John Estate.

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