Supporting Our Local Community

May 21, 2024

Collaboration and Support for Local Businesses And Charities


We are very proud to support two local enterprises that are trying to make a difference for young people in our local community, and beyond.


Another Way

We are trying to be a sustainable business. We’ve just received a Green Tourism award. However some others are leading the way in how to live sustainably. Amy Bray set up this environmental charity as a teenager and it has gone from strength to strength, ever since. Another Way has an educational programme going in to schools to help young people understand the problems faced by us all, through climate change and the destruction of marine and other habitats.

Power of 10

Moreover their latest goal is to create an App to help young activists collaborate and to create a database of information on environmental issues. Thereby allowing more young people to be empowered to try and make a difference by campaigning and educating others. It’s important that young people don’t feel at a loss as to how to make the changes required, to live more sustainably: The Power of 10 Movement will help deliver the support and resources needed.

They also have two zero-waste Another Weigh shops, one in New Squares, Penrith and another in Wainwright’s Yard, in Kendal. What not take a look?

We are a proud sponsor of their endeavours.


Encouraging Sport in Schools

I’m afraid I’m not much for sport, I’ve 3 left feet. I’m more a tea and biscuit kind of a girl. However sport is really good for you for many reasons. But sadly, some sports are some times not accessible to all.🏌️‍♀️⛳️

The goal at Penrith Golf Hub is to introduce as many young people to the game as possible, by encouraging juniors to play and retaining their interest in a fun and friendly way. Their aim is to create a welcoming environment for all ages and abilities making golf accessible for everyone.

In 2023, Penrith Golf Hub funded the delivery of several taster sessions in Primary schools in Cumbria. Their PGA Professional Ellie Broome visited 8 primary schools in the local area delivering taster sessions to 405 children during June and July.

Outreach work in schools is a vital stage to give taster sessions to children, who may never have had the chance to try golf or may never have thought, it might be something they would like. It can help keep you fit and is a great social sport. Over the next 5 years, they would like to increase their programme and deliver taster sessions to over 5,000 school children in Cumbria.

The world class cricketer Ben Stokes grew up in Cockermouth, so who knows, we might have the next Rory McElroy just about to reveal themselves? We are supporting their programme this year to get more children involved and to see that golf is not such an elitist sport, but a fun and enjoyable one that they can do now and throughout their life.

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Passed down through generations, our family and history are at the heart of the approximately 300 acre Hutton John Estate.

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