Tom Felling Trees!

June 7, 2023

Tom and Reece

We have been spoilt for weather these past few weeks. The sky has been filled with blue and sunshine. It can’t last of course, but we can bask in it whilst it’s here. This time of year and when it’s dry, is a good time to deal with any trees that are (sadly) dying off. Unfortunately ash die-back is now spreading to older ash trees. You have no choice some times but to cut down a tree because it’s dangerous. With this one it was just starting to die off and as it’s near the house I asked Tom’s advice and we decided it wasn’t going to get better and it was safer to cut it down this year rather than wait.

Just sounding like the old person I now am, I have known Tom since he was much shorter than me. Now he makes me feel I have somehow been shrunk on a hot cycle in the wash. Anyone under 30 never thinks like this, but just you wait, we all end up like our parents!

I digress, as always. Tom had some help from Reece today and they have done a magnificent job. They also had to cut down another ash tree that was diseased. If you are so minded you can have a look on our Instagram page where I am going to post some film of his exploits with tree surgery. He doesn’t like having his photo taken, but he doesn’t mind if he’s up a tree. You cannot fail to be impressed. I know his mum is very proud of him. It’s a relief it’s now all sorted.

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