Weather you like it or Weather you don’t.

July 8, 2018

Heatwave in the Lake District.

Walking Shadowin this glorious weather
Another blue day

Well what to do? It’s sunny again. You open the curtains in the morning and it’s just like yesterday and the day before. In fact you don’t have to open the curtains to know what the weather is doing because the sun is so bright it fights its way through the fabric and makes itself known. Friends have spent time in hot places and say it gets boring when there is an absence of the seasons. I can perhaps just about see what they mean, but not so much that I am wishing this beautiful weather gone. I know for some people that the weather is draining and for them I do feel sorry. I have Multiple Sclerosis and for me the hear brings replief, yet for some of my fellow sufferers the warmer times bring an exacerbation of their symptoms. Still it won’t last forever and I feel we should make the most of it. I won’t moan that there is another day of edge to edge blue and a glaring sun.

I love to walk down to the beck when it is like this and Shadow loves it too. The only slight problem is that the beck is so low at the moment, we have to pick our spot so she can go swimming. A trip on the steamers on Ullswater would be fantastic, a little bit of a cooling breeze on the water. The last guests at Home Farm really enjoyed the experience and stopped at Pooley Bridge for sustenance and may be a fine and tonic. If you are very energetic you might take a walk up Hallin Fell and take in the mouthwatering views of the Lake. Were you to ask me, I think Ullswater is the most stunning of all the Lakes and so whether you drive round it, sail on it or walk the fells surrounding it, you will never be disappointed. Dare I say it even if the weather is a little rainy, the views are nonetheless glorious. Alternatively you can just sit out in  the garden and relax. The birds are still singing happily and if you are lucky you might see one of the red squirrels. A naughty jackdaw has pecked its way through the squirrel feeder at Lacet, I don’t know whether in desperation or just plain badness. People are starting to say we really need some rain, but the thing is you know when it comes, we will all be looking back on this moment and wishing it had lasted just that bit longer.


Three beautiful and lovingly restored cottages. Where heritage meets modern-day living. 

Sleeps 4, 6, or 10.

Four contemporary cabins, immersed in nature. Where the outdoors meets luxury. 

Sleeps 2.

Passed down through generations, our family and history are at the heart of the approximately 300 acre Hutton John Estate.

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