Where are the Rain Gods when you need them?

July 23, 2018

Sun, sun, go away? But do come back another day. (The day after tomorrow would be perfect).

The British are obsessed with the weather, bu we have good reason. If you live in Dubai, the weather would not be a fruitful topic of conversation. Since coming home 8 years ago my deep seated interest for all things meteorological has solidified in to an addiction. Living in the Lakes is the perfect antidote for you can witness the whole gamut of weather and so I am never short of something to talk about , or write about now I come to think of it. Now I have my delightful dog Shadow I have to spend plenty of time outsid witnessing the ever-changing cloud patterns and feeling th sun, wind or rain on my face. What could be better?

Remember this? Grey clouds and rain.

I cannot remember the summer of 1976 so I have nothing to compare this freakish weather to. This is certainly the longest and driest heatwave that I have enjoyed and it has been wonderful being able to sit outside so often. I have not worn my winter jumpers, well, since winter albeit winter dragged on until some time in April. Last year I don’t think I bothered getting out my summer clothes. It rained pretty much from June onwards. Now however is it wrong to start thinking a little precipitation might be welcome? The becks are low, the lakes are being clogged with algae and all those people who spent money on going abroad for a sunshine holiday are rueing the day they put the deposit down on a two week stay in Tenerife. And the farmers, of course the weather is never right for farming, but you have to have sympathy when the grass has stopped growing due to lack of water. This heatwave will be remembered for a very long time to come. I am not wishing summer away but the grass needs a drink and perhaps we could all do with a little refreshment, a day’s deluge of rain. I think some times you can have too much of a good thing.

Three beautiful and lovingly restored cottages. Where heritage meets modern-day living. 

Sleeps 4, 6, or 10.

Four contemporary cabins, immersed in nature. Where the outdoors meets luxury. 

Sleeps 2.

Passed down through generations, our family and history are at the heart of the approximately 300 acre Hutton John Estate.

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