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Night Creatures

December 14th, 2018

Winter Time in the Lakes

As we get closer to the Winter solstice the nights are still getting longer and it makes me think of Summer with a real sense of longing. Some times I end up taking the dog out when it is dark. Thankfully I haven’t tripped over and broken anything yet. The dog can see clearly enough and I have a torch to help enlighten my walk. Our morning walk is always taken in the half light. It can be very beautiful and certainly very peaceful. If you don’t look wher you are going you could trip over a sheep as they very sensibly are still sleeping. However at night the moon can give a little illumination and a very different atmosphere. It’s not my favourite time, the darkness, the cold and frost. But then I came across a lovely little creature. A hedgehog…what could be better than that.

Hedgehog out in the Night