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Spring Clean

March 15th, 2021

Opening Up

We are looking forward to 12 April and opening up again. It’s a trite remark that we hope nothing happens to put off this long awaited release from lockdown. Plus we have to remember there are lots of businesses that cannot re-open until later in the year.

We have taken the opportunity to do some repairs and make sure everything is pristine ready for our guests. (Our fabulous cleaners are coming in to do a final dust and vac before the big day.) However as with all older houses once you start a job it gets bigger and bigger. Scaffolding has been erected at Home Farm and Andrew has found the second chimney is in need of some care and attention. Better its found now though than in the middle of a storm in winter 2021.

I could show you some pictures of the mess and the clear up but I thought these would be more likely to make any reader 😊 and spring is here for certain. It’s just a pity I can’t take better photos.