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Who Says Romance Is Dead?

December 24th, 2019

A Moonlit Walk

Well doesn’t that sounds lovely. Getting out in to the wonderful outdoors with the company of a loved one and the moon to guide your way. Romance still survives, except of course in real life the moon lit walk is at 7.30am and my loved one is my faithful hound Shadow. The rest of the family is sensibly tucked up in bed. This time of year means that the daylight hours are minimal and some times you have to walk the dog when you can. However there is something special about this time of day and especially so at this time of year, when the moon is the brightest light in the sky. The half-light can be comforting. Shadow, an apt name for these mornings, doesn’t bother, any time of day is the right time for a walk. I just have to be careful not to lose her to the smell of a pheasant or a rabbit. Usually at this juncture, I would post one of my pictures of the glorious Lake District landscape or some of the wonderful wildlife. I tried of course but I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine the scene as there wasn’t enough light for my camera.


Merry Christmas.